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If you like extreme sports - we invite you for parachuting lessons! At 12 km from the hotel entertaining complex "Dream" there is a training base, where experienced instructors will teach you parachuting, and you can make your first jump. If you are an experienced skydiver, then you have the opportunity to "conquer” the sky of Ukraine. Guests of the hotel entertaining complex "Dream" have the opportunity to study with the discount.

To carry out parachute jumps one must have:
- a medical certificate
- the insurance.
These documents can be got on the territory of the hotel entertaining complex "Dream"


Hang gliding for beginners.

 A jump with an instructor (tandem jump)

This is the jump, running on a special double parachute, together with an experienced instructor. The height of the jump is 4200m, 50 seconds of free fall, then the instructor opens the parachute, and you gradually touch down. Training time is 1 hour. A jump in tandem with an experienced instructor is an opportunity to fully experience what the height means and why skydivers jump again and again.

Training time for this program 1 hour. 


A jump is performed from a height of 1000 meters and happens by the forced opening of parachute, the parachute opens with the help of the exhaust line, fixed by the instructor in the airplane. To correctly perform the jump you'll need to remember well all knowledge you got from the instructor during training. If you were attentive at the lesson, then this jump will bring you an incredible pleasure.

Training time for this program - 6 hours. 


Guests of the hotel entertaining complex  "Dream" delivered to the parachuting school by bus.

Cost of 1 day in parachuting school - 400 USD $ 50 (for guests of the complex - 320 USD, $ 40) for one person. Price includes transfer, training and a jump.


Please, if you are interested in this offer - contact the administrator when you book a hotel room / cottage.

Have a pleasant jump and an unforgettable experience!


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