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Kiev modern

This tour is designed for lovers of modern art. It will help you get rid of the stereotype that Kiev  is only a historical center. The city is not inferior in its development of leading capitals of other countries. This trip will allow you to evaluate this in the perspective of modern life. 

We suggest you to visit the following modern museums of the Kiev city:

National Museum of Ukrainian Toy, was opened Jan. 1, 2005. The museum collection consists of 10 000 toys, which dates back to the 30-ies. The visitors may see technical and design toys, dolls, figurines, soft toys, unique collection of printing games, Christmas decorations - anything that offered a toy industry in Ukraine for 70 years.

Museum of Kiev in miniature. This museum is interesting for the guests, who are limited in time to visit all the sights of Kiev, or just too lazy to do that. The open air museum provides an opportunity to see absolutely all city's sights, but in a very reduced form. Nevertheless, the exhibits are made with the full compliance of the originals. Grand opening of the park-museum was on 23 June 2006.

Museum of water.One of the newest and most popular museums in Kiev, which is located in the heart of the capital of Ukraine, in the building of the first urban water tower, built in 1872 – 1876. The tower is a landmark by itself  - a monument of architecture of the nineteenth century. The Museum of Water fascinating exhibition, created in amusing way, reports literally everything about water. In the halls of the museum there are several models to demonstrate the comprehensive nature of water: Water on the surface, water under the earth, etc. The exhibition displays the water cycle. It gives a chance to travel around all continents virtually, you can see how the glaciers are melting, rain, waterfall, geyser eruption. Kids have the opportunity to change the channel of the river, play with soap bubbles, as well as to touch the live fish, which lives in huge water system.

"Chocolate House".The museum was built in the late 19 th century by the main architect of Kiev –Nikolaev, commissioned by the merchant Mogilevtseva. The unusual decoration of the building, the secrets of this place will be learned during the tour, the museum is also notable for its interior. White, Byzantine and Moorish halls will impress you deeply.

Museum of Modern Art "Soviart”. The museum collection, which was formed about twenty years ago, has more than 4,500 paintings, drawings, sculpture, decorative arts, as well as the iconography of Ukraine. It contains works of most of the art schools and trends from all regions of the country.

Excursion schedule:
10.00 - departure from the hotel entertaining complex "Dream".
10.40 – the beginning of excursions
13.00 – the lunch at the restaurant "Bir Platz” in the center of Kiev
14.00 - 16.00 - Continuation of excursion
16.00 - return to the hotel entertaining center "Dream"

The tour includes: transfers, guide services (interpreter), lunch at the restaurant "Bir Platz", the cost of visiting museums.

Excursion lasts for 6.00 hours

Tour price: (including transfers, guide / interpreter, lunch at the restaurant, the cost of visits to museums) - 700 UAH / $ 90


If you are interested in this tour, please specify this when booking hotel room / cottage at the hotel entertaining complex "Dream". This will help us in shaping the tourist groups.


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