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Chernobyl and the Secrets of the Dead Town

This tour is designed for those who want to learn more about the Chernobyl tragedy, to see this "living monument" of the disaster with his own eyes. We arrange both group and individual tours.

Group tour starts from leaving the hotel entertaining comples "Dream” by bus.

10.00 - bus leaves for excursion. 

12.00 - arrival at the control post "Dytyatky”. Entry into a 30-kilometer exclusion zone. 
The introductory program will be held for you in "Chernobylinterinform", you will get general information about the tragedy, which occurred in 1986 and how Chernobyl lives today.

13.00 - Excursion around the city of Chernobyl, visit of Elijah's Church, Park of Glory. 

13.30-15.00 - stay in the Chernobyl zone - a radius of 10 km, sightseeing bus travels around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, stops at the gates of the 4-th unit. Staying at the observation platform you can see the "sarcophagus".

15.00-17.00 – a visit to the town of Pripyat. Walking along the "dead city". Visit of one of the highest building – hotel "Polissya”, a school, a kindergarten, a swimming pool and partly-destroyed houses. You will have an unforgettable experience. 

17.00 - departure from the Chernobyl zone. 

18.00 - stop in Kiev for dinner at a restaurant 

18.40 – continuation of the trip back to the hotel entertaining complex "Dream" 

19.30 - arrival to the hotel entertaining complex "Dream".

Warning! If you are interested in this tour, please let us know about this in advance by phone or e-mail (See page "Contacts"). Chernobyl Zone is a closed area, you have to make the application for this tour in advance. That will allow us to prepare the necessary documents for you to enter the exclusion zone.

Your application for this tour must specify the following information:
Full name, full date of birth, passport series and number, nationality, your telephone number, date you planned this excursion.

It’s important:

The level of radiation exposure, which you can get during a trip to Chernobyl is the same as you get during a flight in a jet and, importantly, several times smaller than conventional radiography during the medical examination.

Children under 18 years are not allowed to have an excursion to Chernobyl and Pripyat. 

To enter a closed zone you need to have your passport with you.

The tour includes: transfer, visits to Chernobyl and Pripyat, guide services (interpreter), lunch at a restaurant in Kyiv. 

This excursion lasts 9.5 hours (including travel time) 

Tour price: (including transfers, guide / interpreter, lunch in the restaurant) - 860 UAH / $ 110 for one person. Warning! As this tour means a travel to the Chernobyl exclusion zone, we take 100% pre-payment


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